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We are an accredited business by BBB since 2016. We have been providing professional servicing since 2015. We work in major cities around the Nashville area.

We work on a on-call relationship. ​Our prices are very reasonable, we will always make tests on your unit before coming with a plan to installing, fixing, or repairing your unit.

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Hi I am Moe, I am the owner and founder of A/C Doctor Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC. I have achieved my 2 year degree in AC & Heating at Tennessee Technology Center , and from there on decided to create my own company. Our main goal is to bring you the best service. Our attitude is always friendly and professional. My company can bring you fast solutions with great results.


Our services are mainly involved in installation, repairing, and replacing units. Our professionals can work in many environments. Whether the unit is indoor, outdoor, or in a basement, we will always get the work done! For a full list of our services please go to our Services tab.

We are licensed, insured and bonded.

Give us a call(615) 891-9645

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